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You owe humanity a dollar.

On behalf of humanity, you are hereby fined $1 per selfie on charges of self-obsession. All the money goes to fund education for kids who can’t afford college, let alone a $600 self-indulgence device. Donate and join us. Police your friends. There’s a lot of work to be done. Together we can turn vanity into charity.

Most Wanted

The following individuals owe countless amounts of back-dated selfie dollars.
Let's all work together to make them pay for what they've done.

How it Works

You are the Selfie Police

Help the cause by busting your friends.
  • Copy and paste to your friends' comments:

    OMG you are so beautiful! And nice! That’s why I knew you would pay up at selfiepolice.org #selfiepolice

  • Copy and paste to your friends' comments:

    Thanks for that selfie I almost forgot what you looked like! Looks like you owe a dollar to the #selfiepolice selfiepolice.org

  • Copy and paste to your friends' comments:

    Eh, nice selfie. Use a better filter next time so I can’t actually tell what you look like. Pay up at selfiepolice.org #selfiepolice

What of the $$?

The Selfie Police is an effort by independent students in association with The Tyler Robinson Foundation.

One-hundred percent of funds raised by the #selfiepolice will be contributed to Vittana, an innovative organization dedicated to fighting world poverty by providing student loans to college aged kids in third world countries. Since Vittana's return rate is nearly 100%, the fund will be recycled every six months and used to fund another round of college educations.


While the #selfiepolice is a fun way to bother your friends and excuse your vanity, the cause is by all means worthwhile. It is our hope that we can create a culture of people who think of others, even when obsessing over themselves.